Git Initialization in a Existing Project

Goto to Project directory through the command: 

Initialize git:

Make staging:

Commit :

Create a repository on Bitbucket and then connect the repository with your local project –

Check your repository source code on Bitbucket, your project code should […]

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After Installation of Visual Studio Code

Go to Preferences  → Settings and then paste code within {} brackets –


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Change Custom Post Type Name Safely.

Just replace the second line’s post type names:


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WordPress Developers (Must Have) Plugins

The following plugins are very useful to WordPress developers. These may help you to make a standard and error-free theme and plugin. Developer. Debug Bar Query Monitor. Theme Check. User Switching. Regenerate Thumbnails. Log Deprecated Notice. RTL Tester, RTL Tester Mirror. Monster Widget. PHP Compatibility. SG Optimizer. […]

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Conditional Script Loading for Shotcode

In the functions.php file or in your plugin file write the code below –

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How to Set a default Title for the custom post?

Now use the function

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Gray Scale with CSS with Cross Bowser Support


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How to a Add Custom Meta Box for Multiple Post Type

See: Stackexchange , Codex

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