How to Create Host Name on Ubuntu?

Open your termina:


Edit your host file

#sudo nano /etc/hosts

Set your Host Name: HostName

Save the file:




Now you can set your host name as domain on Ampps by adding new domain.
am a new Ubuntu Linux laptop user. I setup my computer name to ‘tom’ during installation but now I would like to change the computer name to ‘jerry’. Can you tell me how do I remove tom and set it to jerry on Ubuntu Linux? How do I change the Ubuntu computer name from ‘ubuntu’ to ‘AvlinStar’? Can you tell me more about Ubuntu Linux change hostname command ? at

You can use the hostname command or [nixmd name=”hostnamectl”] to see or set the system’s host name. The host name or computer name is usually at system startup in /etc/hostname file. Open the terminal application and type the following commands to set or change hostname or computer name on Ubuntu Linux.

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