Implement of Codestar Sorter Field

Include the code the code in the config file–

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Full-width Vimeo Background Video

Here we’ll see how we can set a Vimeo video background. The markup should be –

The CSS is –

njoy it.Credit goes to Christophe Marois

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CodeStar Typography Field Implementation

Too enqueue Google fonts ,write the code in your main functions.php –

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Code Snippets in PhpStorm

Go to Settings and start typing Live Template. On the right panel click on the + sign. Write your Abbreviation, Description, and Template Text. For instance, The Abbreviation is the Scom*, Description is Section Comment and Template Text is – /*—————————————————————- 01.$s$ —————————————————————–*/ $s$ is to […]

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VC Element Customization

Write the code in functins.php To add and remove param of VC Elements –

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How to Delete Hidden Files on Mac

Go to the directory –

To remove .git file –

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